Be You National Mental Health in Education Initiative

A whole-community approach to mental health and wellbeing in early learning services and schools, with online resources and support from consultants.

  • Tier: Tier 1: Positive Mental Health Promotion
  • Type of intervention: Social and emotional learning; mental health literacy; whole school approach to mental health
  • Strength of evidence: Not applicable
  • Geographic location: State-wide

Program description

Be You supports early learning services and schools to work towards a whole learning community approach to mental health and wellbeing.

Learning communities can get support from Be You Consultants who guide schools through their resources and connect school staff with educator networks.

The initiative has a series of online professional development modules and resources which helps school staff contribute to a positive learning community.

This includes 13 content modules which are grouped into 5 domains:

  1. Mentally healthy communities
  2. Learning resilience
  3. Family partnerships
  4. Early support
  5. Responding together.

Be You also provides suicide postvention support for learning communities.

Intended outcomes

  • Develop a positive, inclusive and resilient learning community
  • Promote good mental health
  • Build increased mental health literacy, confidence and readiness in the educator workforce

Program details

Target audience
  • Capacity building for primary school staff
  • Capacity building for secondary school staff
Program providerBeyond Blue in collaboration with headspace and Early Childhood Australia
Delivery modeOnline

Implementation considerations

  • Target population: Anyone who works with children and young people in early learning settings, primary and secondary schools.
  • Program adaptability: Each learning community has ownership of how, where and when they implement Be You to meet the needs of their school.
  • Staffing: Backfilling may be required.
  • Training requirements: Resources and tools are available on Be You's website to support schools in implementation of each Be You cycle. To be part of the program educators need to register on their website.
  • Australian experience: Be You was developed in and for the Australian context.


  • Item cost: Free
  • Detailed cost: Free