With the theme of Sport and Human Performance, BioLAB programs offer a unique opportunity for students.

BioLAB is a groundbreaking centre led by an energetic team of innovative scientists and educators. It specialises in providing real-world experiences for students and challenges them to apply their science and maths skills to better understand their own body, health and wellness.

The human body is an amazing machine. We use science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to better understand it, improve it and push it to the limits.

With the theme of sport and human performance, BioLAB programs offer opportunities for students to put themselves at the forefront of their own investigations, including wearable and scientific technologies to explore their own physiology and performance compared to elite athletes.

Programs are designed and delivered to engage, inspire and demonstrate the many amazing research and career pathways in STEM, both today and in tomorrow’s world.

About the Centre

BioLAB specialises in providing programs and experiences based on real-world scenarios and research. It has partnerships with Deakin University, the Geelong Football Club, RipCurl, Target, Baum Cycles and Cotton On, ensuring that students get hands on, real-world experiences in the application of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills.

BioLAB programs capture the essence of what makes Geelong and the wider region so special, from groundbreaking industries to world-class scientific research and a love of rolling surf and sport. The centre is located at Belmont High School.


BioLAB programs are linked to the Victorian Curriculum and are for upper primary and secondary students. The programs are designed to engage and inspire students in STEM career pathways, such as applied exercise, health and nutritional sciences, engineering and technology. Through partnerships with tertiary, industry and community organisations, BioLAB ensures that its programs reflect real-world career pathways and content.

Students and teachers are provided with access to, and innovative ideas about, the use and application of new technologies.

BioLAB programs cater for different stages of student learning and ability, with special focus on disadvantaged and rural schools.

Onsite and Outreach

BioLAB programs are delivered either onsite at its state-of-the-art facility in Belmont, Geelong or through outreach visits to schools throughout Victoria. Full or half day programs are available.

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