Bully Stoppers Online Toolkit

The Bully Stoppers Online Toolkit helps the school community understand, prevent, and respond to bullying with evidence-based advice and resources.

  • Tier:
    • Tier 1: Positive Mental Health Promotion
    • Tier 2: Early Intervention cohort specific support
  • Type of intervention: Bullying prevention, Support for diverse cohorts
  • Strength of evidence: Not applicable
  • Geographic location: State-wide

Program description

The Bully Stoppers online toolkit supports the school community, including teachers, principals, parents/carers and students, to understand, prevent and respond to bullying.

The toolkit provides evidence-informed advice and resources for different stakeholder groups to:

  • understand, prevent and respond to all forms of bullying behaviour
  • develop and implement strategies for when bullying occurs
  • empower students to be upstanders.

Intended outcomes

Support teachers, principals, parents/carers and students to work together to prevent and respond to bullying.

Program details

Target audience
  • Capacity building for primary school staff
  • Capacity building for secondary school staff
  • Primary school students
  • Primary school students – lower
  • Primary school students – upper
  • Secondary school students
  • Secondary school students – lower
  • Secondary school students – upper 
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
Program providerDepartment of Education
Delivery modeOnline

Implementation considerations

  • Target audience: School communities.
  • Program adaptability: Toolkit content can be adapted to the individual school context. The toolkit is directly available online with a range of resources for different target audiences.
  • Staffing: Backfilling not required.
  • Time: The toolkit is online and self-directed. The time length for resources varies, from 20 minutes upwards.
  • Training requirements: None.
  • Australian experience: This program was developed specifically in the Victorian education context.


  • Item cost: Free
  • Detailed cost: Free