Certificate in Visible Wellbeing

Visible Wellbeing trains teachers in a framework, language, and set of practices to embed wellbeing in the classroom.

  • Tier: Tier 1: Positive Mental Health Promotion
  • Type of intervention: Whole school approach to mental health
  • Strength of evidence: Level 3: Foundational and emerging evidence for program
  • Geographic location: Statewide

Program description

The Certificate in Visible Wellbeing for Teachers is a program that trains teachers in a wellbeing framework, language and set of practices that can be embedded in the classroom. 

The program is underpinned by an evidence-based framework called SEARCH. This framework covers 6 pathways to wellbeing:

  • strengths
  • emotional Management
  • attention and Awareness
  • relationships
  • coping
  • habits and goals.

The Visible Wellbeing program includes:

  • teacher training modules
  • a toolkit of wellbeing resources
  • a Visible Wellbeing Activities manual
  • best practice case studies and examples.

Intended outcomes

  • Increased student wellbeing literacy
  • Improvements in students’ coping skills, social skills and goal-setting skills
  • Improved student wellbeing
  • Student knowledge of the SEARCH wellbeing framework

Program details

Target audience
  • Capacity building for primary school staff
  • Capacity building for secondary school staff 
Program providerLea Waters - Visible Wellbeing
Delivery modeOnline

Implementation considerations

  • Target population: Teachers across primary and secondary schools.
  • Program adaptability: The delivery, scheduling and timeline of the on-demand component of the program can be adapted and modified based on the needs of the school. Participants will be guided through a series of activities and exercises which will encourage them to adapt their learning into strategies addressing their local context and student needs.
  • Staffing: The on-demand modules can be undertaken according to a flexible schedule. Backfilling may be required for the teachers to engage in the on-demand modules during class time.
  • Training requirements: The time requirements are 14 hours for the on-demand modules. This can be completed over the school year.
  • Factors to consider: There is no minimum number of participants required. Internet connection and devices are required.
  • Australian context: This program has been developed and applied in Australia.


Item cost


Detailed cost

The cost per staff member enrolled in the certificate is $1,094.50 (inc. GST).

A 10% discount is applicable for schools enrolling 5 or more teachers. A 20% discount is applicable for schools enrolling 10 or more teachers.