English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Newly arrived EAL learners can access an intensive full-time program or targeted support to help them in the initial stages of learning English.



  • EAL Regional Program Officers – support schools in their region to develop and implement effective EAL programs.
  • Multicultural education aides – support EAL learners to participate in schooling and build communication between schools and families.
  • Interpreting and translating – services are provided free, within guidelines, to government schools.
  • Panorama – school principals and their delegates can access dashboards which identify EAL and Likely Refugee Background students and show teacher judgement data against the Victorian Curriculum F-10 EAL. Data is drawn from data uploaded to CASES21.


Curriculum and program planning

Assessment and reporting

EAL in Victorian government schools

EAL annual reports – annual reports on the provision of EAL programs in Victorian government schools.

For a brief history of assistance to students from language backgrounds other than English in Victorian government schools (1960 to 2006) please read these resources: