English Online Interview (EOI) braille texts

The English Online Interview can be completed with blind students using braille texts.

Braille texts have been developed to support teachers to administer the EOI to blind students. A list of the texts available in braille is provided below.

ModuleReading TextAvailable in braillePicture Storybook TextAvailable in braille
1Cup CakesYClever MaxY
2The Beach BallYThe Lunch BoxesN
3Blackie’s HolidayYTap Dancing StarY
4Tiger and the Big WindYThe Golden Carambola TreeY

The Lunch Boxes is not provided as a braille text as it relies heavily on interpretation of the illustrations and is therefore unsuitable for transfer into tactual form.

Texts for Modules 1 and 2 are available in uncontracted braille double spaced and contracted Braille single spaced. Texts for Modules 3 and 4 are available in contracted braille single spaced.

Some of the questions within the EOI may still be unsuitable for brailling students. Where this is the case, teachers should record ‘no attempt’ within the EOI and interpret the student’s responses accordingly.

Accessing braille texts

Braille texts can be requested through the Statewide Vision Resource Centre by schools or visiting teachers. Please note that braille texts should be returned at the end of the assessment period.

Contact details for the Statewide Vision Resource Centre are provided below:

Statewide Vision Resource Centre
Phone: (03) 9841 0242
Email: svrc@svrc.vic.edu.au