headspace counselling

Headspace offers confidential counselling, both in-person and over the phone, to secondary students struggling with mild to moderate mental health issues.

  • Tier: Tier 3: Targeted support
  • Type of intervention: Additional mental health and wellbeing professionals
  • Strength of evidence: Registered professional
  • Geographic location: State-wide

Program description

Headspace counselling provides telephone-based or face-to-face counselling for secondary school students experiencing a mild-moderate mental health difficulty and have been referred by a central contact within their school. 

Intended outcomes

Support students experiencing mild to moderate mental health difficulties.

Program details

Target audienceSecondary school students
Program providerheadspace
Delivery modeOnline

Implementation considerations

  • Factors to consider: Students must be identified as having a mild to moderate mental health difficulty. Phone counselling is generally for Victorian Government schools who are located more than 60km from a headspace centre.


  • Item cost: Free
  • Detailed cost: Free