LGBTQIA+ inclusion workshops for students and teachers

These workshops are aimed at building self-awareness, recognising achievements and developing the confidence and resilience of LGBTQIA+ youth.

  • Tier:
    • Tier 1: Positive Mental Health Promotion
    • Tier 2: Early Intervention and Cohort Specific Support
  • Type of intervention: Support for diverse cohorts
  • Strength of evidence: Level 3: Foundational and emerging evidence for program
  • Geographic location: State-wide

Program description

Minus18 delivers workshops that promote positive mental health to improve the lives of LGBTQIA+ youth.

Workshops include:

  • student workshops for all secondary students
  • teacher and school staff training
  • cohort specific sessions for LGBTQIA+ students.

Student workshops examine the following:

  • diverse experiences
  • understanding of relationships
  • empathising with others
  • challenging stereotypes and prejudices.

LGBTQIA+ student workshops are aimed at building self-awareness, recognising achievements and developing confidence and resilience.

Teacher workshops are focussed on upskilling teachers in building safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ student learning, development and wellbeing.

Intended outcomes

  • Increased knowledge and understanding of creating an appreciation of diverse experiences
  • Increased self-awareness, recognising personal qualities and achievements and becoming confident, resilient and adaptable for LGBTQIA+ students
  • Actions from students and teachers to create more inclusive environments

Program details

Target audience
  • Secondary school students - lower
  • Secondary school students - upper
  • Capacity building for primary school staff
  • Capacity building for secondary school staff
Program providerMinus18
Delivery mode
  • Face-to-face
  • Online

*Face-to-face delivery is available in Melbourne, with online delivery state-wide.

Implementation considerations

  • Target population: LGBTQIA+ students and school pride groups, Secondary students and Primary and Secondary teachers.
  • Program adaptability: Initial communication with the schools prior to workshop help to better understand school needs and tailor the language and approach accordingly to the local context.
  • Staffing: Teachers are required to be present for student sessions to supervise.
  • Training requirements: The program can be delivered in-person or online. Each session is approximately 60-90 minutes with a maximum of 3 hours. For in-person sessions, a suitable space, chairs and AV technology are required. For online sessions, access to participant’s own devices (phones or laptops) are required.
  • Factors to consider: There is no minimum number of participants, but the maximum number of participants is 100-150 per session.
  • Australian context: The program has been developed and applied in Australia.


  • Item cost: $201-$2000
  • Detailed cost: Per session cost is $990 (inc. GST), with approximately 100 attendees per session. Regional engagements may incur travel expenses.