Academy’s Local Leader programs empower educational excellence

Enrol in programs for terms 3 or 4, 2023, that empower tomorrow’s principals and school leaders.

Monday, 19 June 2023 at 11:00 pm
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To improve outcomes for students, equipping future school leaders with high-quality leadership skills is essential.

If you’re interested in assisting future school leaders and furthering your own leadership skills, you can apply for upcoming Local Leader programs, based in your local area, from the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership (the Academy).

The programs aim to create a cohort of high-quality leaders ready to take on the important work of school improvement within their local communities.

Engaging with emerging school leaders in 2023

During terms 3 and 4 this year, expert local facilitators will deliver approximately 60 sessions of area-based Local Leader programs to emerging school leaders across Victoria.

This approach ensures personalised and meaningful learning experiences tailored to each participant's needs, directly linked to the context of their school.

There are 3 programs to choose from:

  • Inspire: Local Leaders
  • Literacy: Local Leaders
  • Numeracy: Local Leaders.

Each program is customised to ensure high quality and rigour, while allowing for local flexibility. They will support participants to build their leadership capability to facilitate school improvement through on-the-job, project-based learning.

‘Workshops will provide opportunities for engaging discussions with other professionals, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing,’ Academy Chief Executive Officer, Dr Marcia Devlin AM, said.

The Academy is now training current principals and other school leaders to facilitate these programs to their colleagues across Victoria, ensuring equitable access to high-quality professional development reaches every part of Victoria.

‘We’re very optimistic about the positive impact these programs will have on Victoria’s future school leaders, and about expanding these programs in 2024 to reach even more emerging leaders,’ Marcia said.

Additional teacher leader programs in 2023

More Academy programs for teacher leaders, including career pathway and specialist teacher leader expertise, are now open for Term 3, 2023. Learn more about these programs and apply here:

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