‘Behind the News High’ TV series for secondary students

Consider sharing ‘BTN High’ in the classroom to help your students engage in the news.

Monday, 19 June 2023 at 11:00 pm
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‘BTN High’ (Behind the News for secondary school students) launched this year ‒ an engaging and insightful TV series aimed at getting students thinking deeply about current affairs.

The ABC-produced series covers current news topics and issues that relate to the Australian Curriculum, such as:

  • do AI images count as artworks?
  • teen employment issues
  • should parents be able to share things about their kids online?
  • what is music copyright?
  • how to deal with relationship heartbreak
  • will Australia’s new vaping laws work?
  • corporal punishment
  • coronation cost
  • concussion class action
  • who is Andy Warhol?
  • academic cheating.

‘BTN High’ segments are approximately 4 to 8 minutes in length and are accompanied by a blurb and notes about how the topic relates to the Australian Curriculum. An accessible transcript of each segment is on the topic’s webpage.

You can share this series with your students by viewing it in the classroom on the BTN website, ABC iview or ClickView.

Alternatively, you may want to share a link to the series with your students so they can take a deep-dive into the issues they are researching on their own.

How does it relate to the curriculum?

‘BTN High’ segments can be a great way to complement a class or kick off a core learning discussion.

To find out how the ‘BTN High’ topic relates to the curriculum, click on the topic on the BTN website, where you will find the associated learning area and year level.

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Find out more

For more information, refer to the BTN website.

For further enquiries, contact the department’s Media Unit by email: media.unit@education.vic.gov.au