Celebrating VCE Vocational Major and VPC schools and students

Recognise students and take your Victorian Certificate of Education Vocational Major and Victorian Pathways Certificate delivery further in 2024.

Tuesday, 28 November 2023 at 10:00 pm
Celebrating VCE Vocational Major and VPC schools and students

The end of the 2023 school year marks significant milestones in Victorian secondary schools with:

  • one full year of Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) Vocational Major and Victorian Pathways Certificate delivery
  • graduation of the first students with transitional credit for Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) units.

Nearly all local government secondary schools delivered the VCE Vocational Major in 2023, including 27 schools that were not delivering VCAL in 2022. This highlights the tremendous work from teachers across the state in preparing for and delivering the new pathway. 

Reflecting the celebratory mood these great milestones have stirred, check out this video to hear reflections on the program’s first year from staff and students at Surf Coast Secondary College.

Celebrating pathways equally

Between the new pathways, increasing delivery of vocational education and training and the statewide expansion of Head Start to all government schools, more senior secondary students are achieving notable outcomes in a variety of fields.

We encourage schools to reflect on their approach to celebrating student achievement, and have developed resources to help you, including:

  • a discussion guide – presentation slides to use in leading a conversation at your school about celebrating pathways equally 
  • a reflective checklist – questions to consider about how your school celebrates students and how it could evolve
  • social media image and newsletter image templates – add student photos to these Many Talents One VCE public awareness campaign image templates, to celebrate diverse achievements in the VCE.

VCE Vocational Major student awards

For the first time, the 2023 VCE Premier’s Awards will include VCE Vocational Major Student Outstanding Achievement awards. 

If your school has graduating VCE Vocational Major students this year, please visit the VCAA website for more information and make sure your school has nominated at least one student by Monday 11 December 2023.

Professional learning

To help teachers continue to build their professional skills in vocational education, applications for the Teachers of Applied Learning program in 2024, from Cambridge Education, are open.

The program will help participants to:

  • deliver a high-quality education experience that offers students pathways to a successful and rewarding life 
  • build and maintain their professional skills and links to industry to ensure that students learn skills relevant for today’s workforce. 

To learn more and register, refer to Professional learning programs: Vocational and applied learning.

In addition, the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority is delivering face-to-face professional learning workshops around Victoria in November and December 2023. Find your nearest session and register on the VCAA website.

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