Connect learning to career action planning

Help students explore and link learning to their aspirations and interests.

Tuesday, 25 July 2023 at 1:02 am
Connect learning to career action planning

In Victoria, every government school student in years 9 to 12 who is receiving career education funding must create or update their career action plan annually. Term 3 provides a great opportunity each year for students to set or revisit their career action plan.

A career action plan helps students identify their interests, strengths and aspirations. They can be used to help students explore their options, and consider what they might like to do in their future studies and careers. It’s a working document, and students should review and update it to reflect the career education activities they participate in throughout the year.

Career planning 

Career planning is an essential way schools support young people to explore learning and post-school options.

At each year level, career action plans can support students to make informed subject, course and career decisions appropriate to their year level.

  • In years 7 and 8, a career action plan supports self and career exploration
  • In years 9 and 10, a career action plan helps students make informed decisions about their senior secondary certificate and subject selections
  • In years 11 and 12, students will use their career action plans to guide their decisions about further education, training and employment.

A student’s career action plan can also be used in consultations with parents and carers. 

How to create career action plans

My Career Portfolio is a free online tool for Victorian government school students in years 7 to 12. Students can use My Career Portfolio to create their career action plan, store related files like their Morrisby report, and find links to useful information.

Find out more

You can speak to your careers team about the career action plans for students you teach. 

For further information about career education or the changes to senior secondary education, visit: