Creating inclusive school communities

Access new guides and resources on how to support everyone in your school community to feel included and to be inclusive.

Tuesday, 24 October 2023 at 10:00 pm
Five high-school students in white and grey uniforms sitting on the stairs and smiling towards the camera.

The department has partnered with Monash University’s AllPlay Learn team to create Inclusive School Communities. This website includes new guidance and resources for schools on creating inclusive school communities for students with disability.

The resources provide simple, practical tools and guides for applying evidence-based approaches to building inclusive cultures, including: 

What are inclusive school communities?

Inclusive school communities are places where all students and their families feel safe, welcome, valued and a part of the school community.

In inclusive schools, every member of the school community:

  • is valued
  • can fully participate and be involved
  • develops and succeeds.

Disability Inclusion  

The Victorian Government is committed to inclusive education. It has invested nearly $1.6 billion in Disability Inclusion to boost support for students with disability in Victoria’s government schools. The aim is to ensure all students of every ability thrive at school and in life. 

The Autism Education Strategy is part of Disability Inclusion and will build inclusive school communities that welcome and value autistic students and their families.

The Diverse Learners Hub is the flagship initiative of the Autism Education Strategy and a key initiative of Disability Inclusion. It provides evidence-based advice, information and resources for teachers on inclusive practices for meeting the learning and wellbeing needs of diverse learners. This includes autistic students and those with learning difficulties and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

More resources to support inclusion

The department partners with disability organisations such as Amaze, Yellow Ladybugs, I CAN Network and Auspeld to develop and deliver new resources for teachers to support students with disability and diverse learning needs. 

New resources now available for teachers include:

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