FUSE decommissioning as Arc Learning launches

Prepare for changes to the FUSE platform, starting from 31 July, as we transition to Arc Learning in Term 4, 2023.

Tuesday, 25 July 2023 at 1:32 am
FUSE decommissioning as Arc Learning launches

In Term 4, 2023, the department will launch Arc Learning. 

Arc Learning will replace our FUSE platform. We are decommissioning FUSE because the technology used to build it has become outdated. 

Arc Learning will give teachers easier access to the highest quality learning and teaching resources. 

It will join Arc Events and Arc Software on our Arc platform, bringing them together in the one place. 

This article outlines how you can make a smooth transition from FUSE to Arc Learning.

Transitioning from FUSE to Arc Learning 

On Monday 31 July 2023 FUSE will enter read-only mode. After this date, FUSE users will no longer be able to upload and edit resources. They will still be able to download their favourite content and navigate FUSE.

In Term 4, 2023, FUSE links will automatically redirect users to Arc Learning.

Some FUSE content will be migrated to Arc Learning as ‘legacy’ content. This includes content that is old or has links that no longer work. Users will be able to access legacy content for 12 months before it is archived. 

Only authorised publishers will be able to curate, create and publish content on Arc Learning. Authorised users will not include teachers, school leaders and support staff. We are making this change to ensure that Arc Learning content meets compliance requirements around security, copyright, privacy and child safety.

Supporting the transition 

To support the transition from FUSE to Arc Learning, we ask you to:

  • share information about upcoming changes to FUSE and the launch of Arc Learning with your colleagues
  • move your FUSE content to another storage solution your school uses. 

Find out more

For more information, refer to: 

For further enquiries, contact the FUSE team by email: fuse@education.vic.gov.au