This learning journey will give you the information you need to work with children with complex disabilities at your Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) service.

Department of Education
2 Mar 2023

Every child, including children with complex disabilities, has the right to take part in OSHC.

Watch an introductory video about IncludED@OSHC(opens in a new window).

Children with complex disabilities typically:

  • require high levels of support across different parts of their daily lives
  • need targeted support that is specific to their needs
  • have two or more disabilities.


OSHC service assessment tool (docx - 370.46kb) – use this tool as a starting point. It will help you assess how your service is already inclusive and what areas need improving. It will also introduce you to the seven topics of the IncludED@OSHC framework.

Topics explored in the IncludED@OSHC framework

You may feel like you don't have the knowledge or resources to work with a child with a complex disability. That is why we have created this information package.

You should work through each of these themed topics to complete the learning journey.

By reading through the information in each of the topics and working through the nine learning modules, you'll learn how to:

  • plan and adjust your program and spaces so a child with a complex disability can take part just like the other children
  • help meet the social, physical and emotional needs of a child with a complex disability
  • create a culture at your service that respects all children's abilities and needs
  • help staff to develop inclusivity skills and practices
  • work effectively with the child, family and their support team
  • navigate access specialised equipment, support and funds.

Our aim is to help you deliver the highest quality, most inclusive OSHC service that you can.

The package features a framework divided into seven themed topics: