Information on the Google licence upgrade

Access enhanced interactive teaching tools and safety controls as we move to Google Workspace for Education Plus.

Wednesday, 30 August 2023 at 12:00 am
Information on the Google licence upgrade

The department has upgraded its Google licence for education, moving from Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals to Google Workspace for Education Plus. This change is in place now and only applies to schools that use the department’s Google tenant.

This upgraded account will provide schools with enhanced interactive teaching tools and child safety controls in their Google Workspace.

Features of the upgrade

Google Workspace for Education Plus includes a range of exciting new features for students and teachers alike. We’ve listed some of the main new features below.

Google Classroom Practise set

This allows teachers to develop customised learning plans for students and provide personalised real-time feedback. Practise sets provide visual explainers and videos to assist and guide students though the activity.

Interactive Questions for YouTube Videos

Teachers can incorporate instructional tests or question/answers as part of a YouTube assignment.

Classroom analytics

This allows teachers to see the interactions and usage of students in Google classroom. This will assist teachers in understanding how long students are connected while they are completing activities.

Google Assignments

This provides unlimited ability for checking the originality of student assignments and identifying potential plagiarism.

Shareable class templates and classwork

This function offers shareable links to high-quality classes and class templates. This will give educators the chance to stay up-to-date with the best available materials, by previewing these resources and selecting classwork to import into their own classes.

Google Meet

This feature provides access to breakout rooms, attendance tracking, noise cancellation, polls, question and answers, saved recordings and live translated captions.

Better safety standards

In addition to the new features, the upgrade will give information technology administrators better tools and services to manage the platform in line with privacy, security and child safety standards.

By 2028, all Victorian government schools with a school managed Google tenant will be migrated to the department managed Google tenant, through the department’s Securing Connected Learners program.

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