Information sharing for child wellbeing and safety

Schools can use the Child Information Sharing Scheme and Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme to help students thrive.

Tuesday, 25 July 2023 at 2:23 am
Information sharing for child wellbeing and safety

The Child Information Sharing Scheme (CISS) and Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme (FVISS) can help school staff get the information they need to create effective and informed plans to support students throughout the year. 

Under CISS and FVISS, schools can request information from or share information with other authorised schools or services to promote children’s wellbeing or safety or assess and manage family violence risk. This empowers schools to identify student needs, risks and issues earlier and put any necessary supports in place.  

Education workforces were prescribed under CISS and FVISS in April 2021. Schools must respond to requests for information under CISS and FVISS.

Sharing Places Workshops highlight unique benefits of CISS

In March 2023, we organised 2 workshops in Robinvale and Doveton to explore how different organisations and services working with children in the local area were implementing CISS. The workshops brought together leaders and practitioners from a range of authorised information sharing organisations, including schools, early years services, child protection and Victoria Police.

Participants at these Sharing Places workshops shared how they use CISS to help children thrive. 

One educator at the Doveton workshop said CISS was helping her school better manage transition. Using CISS to gather information about newly enrolled students enabled her school to set up students with services and tailor support to specific needs. She said liaising with other sectors and organisations is crucial to supporting children and their families in periods of transition.

Participants and other services were also eager to discuss how they could continue to build on the collaborative work they’d begun under CISS. 

‘Never has it been more important to understand the complexities of our children and their families so that we can support, nurture and guide them towards a successful future,’ said Doveton College principal Debra Gibson.

‘Our kids and their families are complex, and if we are to do our best work and have the greatest impact we need to know and understand them and their histories.’

CISS supports FISO 2.0

Student wellbeing and learning are the 2 outcomes at the centre of the revised Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO 2.0). Schools can use CISS to improve these outcomes by building stronger relationships and active partnerships with families, communities and other organisations to provide responsive wellbeing support to students.

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