Inspire students with VET Champions

Book a role model to speak about the exciting careers vocational and applied learning can lead to.

Tuesday, 25 April 2023 at 11:00 pm
Ashley Beeby - a Diesel Mechanic at Bild Group

The department is inviting schools to book a vocational education and training (VET) champion for your next school event, to inspire students to consider a VET pathway.

VET champions can share their experiences with students and showcase the exciting and ambitious careers vocational and applied learning can lead to.

The VET Champions initiative showcases high-achieving Victorians who have risen to success through a VET pathway.

Schools can book these inspirational role models to take part in careers information sessions, leadership meetings and other activities. Bookings are free and VET champions are available in person or online.

The initiative promotes authentic stories of how people from diverse backgrounds and cultures across Victoria have found a career they love. The chance to hear these stories is particularly valuable for students in years 7 to 10, who are making decisions about their subjects and career pathways.

How to book a VET champion

To book a VET champion, complete the booking form on the VET Champions website. We will send you an email within 3 days to arrange a speaker for your event.

The website has profiles introducing each VET champion, and links to videos featuring them. We encourage schools to share these VET champion stories with interested families and students:

Find out more

For more information, refer to VET Champions.