Refugee Week 2023: finding freedom, and supporting refugee families

Access resources, programs and supports to raise awareness of the refugee experience.

Tuesday, 30 May 2023 at 11:00 pm
Two young multiethnic women smiling

The experiences of refugees on their journeys to safety and freedom is a focus of Refugee Week, from Sunday 18 to Saturday 24 June 2023.

Under the theme of ‘Finding Freedom’, the week is an opportunity for teachers to investigate programs and supports to help schools respond to the needs of refugee-background families and students.

The theme highlights the dangerous journeys undertaken every day by millions of people to find safety and freedom, and how settling into a new environment can open opportunities ‘to live, to love and to dream’.

Refugee Week showcases the many ways refugees contribute to Australian society and enrich our communities and culture. Teachers can help foster empathy and awareness of refugees’ experiences, to encourage a safe and welcoming environment for those seeking safety in Australia.

Resources for teachers

Refugee Week is coordinated by the Refugee Council of Australia, and ideas for how schools can participate are available on the Refugee Week website.

The resources include lesson plans to explore issues of human rights, racism, the global context of forced displacement, and personal experiences of refugees in seeking asylum and resettling.

Further resources are available through the Refugee Council of Australia’s searchable collection of education resources.

Schools can also book a speaker to provide students with the opportunity to hear personal stories directly from a refugee ambassador.

Supporting refugee students

Refugee Week is an opportunity to reflect on the important role of schools in supporting students and families from refugee backgrounds to thrive.

Foundation House’s Schools In For Refugees website contains comprehensive information and resources for teachers and school staff on supporting students from refugee backgrounds.

A range of department-funded programs and supports are available to boost the capacity of schools to respond to the needs of refugee background families and students. These include:

  • the Refugee Education Support Program, delivered by the Centre for Multicultural Youth and Foundation House, which provides intensive support to clusters of government and non-government schools to identify and implement strategies that improve achievement, engagement and wellbeing for students from refugee backgrounds
  • the School Support Program, delivered by Foundation House, which offers tailored professional learning, consultation and resources to schools to support refugee-background students and families
  • Learning Beyond the Bell, delivered by the Centre for Multicultural Youth, supporting homework club coordinators and tutors with advice, training and an online learning hub.

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