RSPCA Victoria launches new online teaching resource

The new animal welfare education program supporting learning outcomes in the Victorian Curriculum F–10.

RSPCA Victoria has launched a new online education program, AWARE, that is free to use for all teachers.

AWARE improves students' knowledge of animal welfare while supporting learning outcomes in the Victorian Curriculum F–10.

AWARE stands for Animal Wellbeing: Awareness, Responsibility and Education.

The aim of AWARE is to help young people develop responsible and caring behaviour toward animals, preventing animal cruelty and neglect in the long term.

RSPCA Victoria Chief Executive Dr Liz Walker said education played a crucial role in animal welfare.

'We believe the AWARE program is an important addition to our existing education offering and expands our work to educate the community regarding animal welfare,' Dr Walker said.

The AWARE web page includes a portal for teachers to find resources to deliver meaningful animal welfare education that aligns with the curriculum.

This includes a unit of learning that uses mathematics to teach children about the cost of caring for pets.