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View a series of 5 free modules on digital teaching skills, developed by Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria.

Tuesday, 24 October 2023 at 10:00 pm
Two students learning robotics in classroom with teacher.

A collaboration between the department and Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria has delivered a Digital Teaching Skills series, comprising 5 modules covering digital teaching opportunities in a variety of curriculum areas.

The modules provide insights and recommendations for integrating digital technologies into different curriculum areas. Each module includes: 

  • a 7-to-10-minute video 
  • a summary poster 
  • a next-steps guide. 

These resources have been designed to support teachers to put their learning into practice in the classroom. 

These videos and resources are freely available on Digital Skills Series

The modules 

See below for details on the 5 modules.

Module 1: Coding in the mathematics classroom

Explores the value of coding in secondary mathematics education, emphasising its role in approaching mathematical problems.

Module 2: AI-enabled tools in the English classroom

Discusses the potential benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the English classroom, with appropriate constraints.

Module 3: Electronics and coding in the visual arts

Showcases the use of programmable electronics and digital tools in art classes, enabling interactive and immersive art creation.

Module 4: Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality and Geographic Information Systems for geography learners

Explains how digital technology tools align with the geography curriculum, enhancing teaching and learning through Virtual Reality technologies.

Module 5: The digitisation of the science classroom

Explores the integration of contemporary digital tools, such as coding, AI, and digital data work into science education, while addressing potential challenges.

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