‘Stamp’ a student passport to follow their language journey

Order a My Languages passport to keep primary language learners travelling in the right direction.

Tuesday, 30 May 2023 at 11:00 pm
A teacher standing next to a student who is writing on a blackboard.

The department has added some extra fun and functionality into learning a language, with the refreshed My Languages Journey Passport now available (replacing the previous version, ‘My Passport to Languages’).

Language teachers can issue the passport to Foundation students learning 8 of the most widely taught languages in Victorian government schools: Chinese, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

The passport includes features such as ‘I CAN’ statements to identify what students are working towards in the language, and bars to record their progress.

Students starting Foundation can use the passport to document their language learning journey over their first 4 years of school.

The passports also engage families in student learning.

Student benefits

The passport will record each student’s progress in language learning and help them to:

  • learn words and phrases to communicate in the target language in the classroom and beyond
  • develop literacy strategies they can use in language learning
  • value and build on other languages they know.

Teacher benefits

The passports will enable language teachers to assess and monitor student achievement in language learning and plan learning opportunities to consolidate the target language.

The passports will help generalist teachers identify language they can use with students in classrooms to consolidate learning every day, increasing frequency of engagement with the language.

Families and school communities will find the passports a simple and helpful way to understand student progress and achievement in languages and literacy learning.

Refer to the My Languages Journey Passport Teacher Guide for help maximising the benefits.

Ordering the passport

The passports are a free resource for Victorian government schools. Non-government schools can order the passports for $1.50 each. Follow the appropriate link below to order:

Downloadable PDF versions of the passports in A4 and A5 sizes are available on request.

Find out more

For queries, or to request a downloadable PDF version of the passport, contact the department by email: languages.passports@education.vic.gov.au