Victorian Young Leaders campaign for good health

Working with Indonesian peers, students in the program designed a campaign in Bahasa Indonesia focusing on student wellbeing.

Tuesday, 24 October 2023 at 10:00 pm
Bandung senior high school students get walking together.

Participants in the Victorian Young Leaders (VYL) to Indonesia program recently finished a 3-week virtual journey to Indonesia, where a group project brought added benefits in cross-cultural understanding.

During the program, students worked with Indonesian peers to design a campaign in Bahasa Indonesia focusing on health and wellbeing, using contemporary learning strategies. Students worked in groups on specific themes exploring the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UNSDG) of Good Health and Wellbeing.

Through sharing stories, perspectives and solutions, the students developed their language skills and intercultural understanding, while learning more about wellbeing and the importance of advocating for positive change in their communities.

Program mentors and guest speakers supported these exchanges, addressing students about important physical and mental health issues and encouraging them to lead change in their schools. 

Guest speakers Lydia Santoso, a lawyer, and Elena Williams, an international education and development practitioner, also shared personal insights on their own cross-cultural journeys, which helped students to reflect on their own global citizenship. 

Building confidence and community

The 2023 virtual VYL program modelled elements of the successful in-country VYL Indonesia immersion program and was designed to build Victorian students’ Indonesian language abilities.

Mansfield Secondary College Indonesian teacher Alice Burton said the program was fantastic for her students, who worked with students at Camperdown College and Indonesian peers to create a campaign focused on the effects of bullying.

Alice said the students worked together to create a bilingual campaign website, which included an infographic, animation, video and interview.

‘The students loved getting to work with a variety of people, and their confidence has grown so much,’ Alice said.

All projects were presented to peers for feedback and improvements, with students encouraged to build on their work to continue campaigning for positive change within their communities.

The VYL program supports the Victorian Capabilities Curriculum, Languages (Indonesian) and Cross-Curriculum Priorities and promotes student voice and agency.

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