The Austin Hospital School celebrates an incredible milestone

Hospital school continues to educate young patients of Austin Health.

One hundred and fifty years of public education in Victoria isn't the only big milestone we're celebrating this year, with 2022 also marking the 120th birthday of The Austin Hospital School.

The Austin School is a Department of Education school for children who are patients of Austin Health. Students come from the Austin Hospital, Austin Child and Youth Mental Heath Service (CYMHS) and the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Hospital.

Each year, the school works with hundreds of students to keep them connected to and engaged in education while receiving treatment or recovering from illness.

Growth since 1902

From humble beginnings, education for child inpatients at the Austin Hospital began in 1902.

Active philanthropist and generous donor Mrs Elizabeth Austin supported the hospital to expand its building and create a children's ward (Ward 13) so that the children could be educated while in hospital.

The committee of management appointed 3 voluntary teachers from the local free kindergarten to teach in the children's ward.

Today, in conjunction with Austin Health and CYMHS, the school provides specialised educational services for primary and secondary-aged students as both inpatients and outpatients.

Commemorating Victoria's history of public education

This year marks 150 years of public education in Victoria.

In 1872, the introduction of the Education Act made Victoria the first Australian colony (and one of the first jurisdictions in the world) to offer free, secular and compulsory education to its children.

In 2022, the milestone anniversary has been an opportunity to commemorate the long and proud history of high-quality education in Victoria.

With 120 years of supporting children and young people, the Austin School is a significant part of this history. Congratulations to the school on this wonderful milestone, and proud history of service and support for Victorian students.

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