Australian Teaching and Learning toolkit

Mapped to the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes, the toolkit has evidence-based resources and teaching approaches for your school.

The Australian Teaching and Learning toolkit brings together global evidence on 35 different teaching and learning strategies and their impact on lifting student outcomes.

Teachers can review the approaches in the Australian Teaching and Learning toolkit, the strength of the evidence and research and the average cost of implementing the approaches in their classroom over time.

Principal Brent Richards of Clifton Springs Primary School has found the free online toolkit to be a valuable resource for his school.

We started using the toolkit two years ago, as part of our approach to seeking out ways to improve; ways that were really going to make a difference.

'At our school, we have an approach called 'Innovate Time', which sees 20 per cent of our time devoted to researching passion projects. These have to meet three criteria: they have to improve student outcomes, be part of the improvement agenda and teachers have to be passionate about it.

'Many teachers have used the toolkit to drive this. They have access to excerpts from a range of studies and we've found that the toolkit allows them to go deeper.'

School leaders and teachers can use the toolkit to help make decisions about approaches they may be considering implementing in their schools.

The toolkit highlighted areas in which we were already doing positive work, but in a change-rich environment this gave us a strong way to embed our strategies.

'It's not just dropping a semi-formed idea into whole-school activity. It has a strong existing link to the evidence ecosystem; it's not just introducing a new idea for the sake of it.

'As all the strategies referenced are heavily backed by research, you don't lose time ironing out the bugs.'

How to use these approaches in your school

The use of evidence-based strategies is crucial to ensure positive outcomes for students.

Explore teaching strategies across the key areas of FISO and find approaches that suit your school and adapt them to support your school community.

Visit DE Victoria Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO 2.0)

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