Bright reading futures for Sunshine Harvester students

Improvements in NAPLAN, a change in school culture and a love of reading – how classroom libraries make a real difference.

At Sunshine Harvester Primary School, where 80 per cent of their students speak English as an additional language, equity funding has helped to unlock a thirst for reading.

The creation of classroom libraries has seen a dramatic shift in whole school culture and is making a positive impact in the classroom.

Equity funding allowed Sunshine Harvester Primary School to make a significant investment of $100,000 on books to create classroom libraries.

Donna Lourensz, Grade One team leader at the school, has seen first-hand how a non-verbal student is now actively engaging in reading and other classroom activities thanks to a classroom library.

'Classroom libraries inspire children to read,' she says. 'The proof is in the pudding!'

Equity funding provides extra money to schools to help the students who need it most so they can reach their full potential.

See how this school was able to turn this funding into action. Watch Inspiring children through reading at Sunshine Harvester Primary(opens in a new window)

Supporting FISO priorities: Positive climate for learning

The investment at Sunshine Harvester Primary School has helped create a positive school climate for learning through empowering students and building school pride. The library is now a place where the school can realise the importance of creating learning environments that promote independence, interdependence and self-motivation.