Building connections in Education Week

Building connections in Education Week

Get involved in this year’s Education Week, running from 23–29 May

When schools, families and communities come together to support learning, it can provide a richer and more diverse experience for students. With that in mind, this year’s Education Week (23–29 May) will focus on ‘Building connections’. 

To help schools promote Education Week, the department has developed an Education Week toolkit(opens in a new window) which includes resources to support activities and events teachers can lead to promote ‘Building connections’. 

Education Week activity ideas

Ideas for teachers to plan with students during Education Week include: 

  • host an activity or event that supports the theme
  • create an art project where students can show how they are connected to the community 
  • discuss how students participate in their local community
  • encourage students to host a session to learn about the cultural diversity in their school and community
  • invite a local gardener to the school to teach students about sustainability and food
  • host a Smiling Mind mindfulness session with students
  • create a performance for school assembly celebrating the cultural diversity of the local community
  • invite a local Elder to teach students the Aboriginal language and culture
  • create an Education Week-themed newsletter including stories, articles and photos submitted by students
  • get students to create individual maps of the important places in the neighbourhood, such as places of worship, places to eat, libraries and friends’ houses. 

Find out more

For more information, refer to the Education Week 2021 web page on the department’s website.