Class resource: Little Lunch

This Emmy-nominated mockumentary series explores schoolyard politics, friendships, and more, aligning with the Victorian Curriculum for Levels 3-6.

Award-winning resources are available for your school. Produced by the Australian Children's Television Foundation and Gristmill Australia, Little Lunch is based on the Danny Katz novels and is one of two Australian shows nominated in the International category of the Emmy Awards Kids. Earlier this year, the show was named the best program for primary school-aged children at the 2017 NHK Japan Prize.

The mockumentary series is set in a Melbourne primary school and follows the lives of students and their teachers as they navigate schoolyard politics, interpersonal behaviour, friendship, rumours and more. Every episode takes place during that highly anticipated school day break – morning snack time!

Curriculum ideas and resources

To assist teachers to integrate Little Lunch into their curriculum planning each episode has been mapped to the Victorian Curriculum - English and across other learning areas including, Civics and Citizenship, Health and Physical Education and Critical and Creative Thinking. There are also links made to Ethical and Personal and Social Capabilities.

The series explores many relevant themes for primary school-aged students, including ethical dilemmas, relationships, self-reflection, friendship, emotions and much more.

The resources are available on FUSE and include episodes that have been separated into small bites for classroom viewing. All episodes link to the Victorian Curriculum and provide ideas for teachers to kick off classroom discussions and activities.

Find it on FUSE

To watch Little Lunch episodes, teachers need to sign into FUSE using their eduMail login and search for Little Lunch. Visit FUSE.

Teachers can also share the FUSE code with their students see: Little Lunch Series Introduction and Mrs Gonsha's Announcement

Please note this content is licensed to the Department and cannot be copied or shared outside of schools.

Supporting FISO priorities: Excellence in teaching and learning

By mapping the Little Lunch episodes to the curriculum, schools are handed a framework that articulates how student learning will be organised, taught and assessed and promotes excellence in teaching and learning. These resources also allow teachers the time to focus on embedding relevant assessment strategies into their curriculum plan so they can monitor student learning and make adjustments to their teaching strategies as required. 

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