Focus on wellbeing this R U OK? Day

Resources to help you have wellbeing conversations with students and colleagues.

R U OK? Day, the national day of action that supports the wellbeing of all Australians, will be held on Thursday 8 September 2022.

This is a great opportunity to use this year's theme, 'You don't have to be qualified to ask R U OK?', as a prompt to reflect and focus on your own wellbeing, check in with those around you and talk about wellbeing with students.

Wellbeing conversations can be held with anyone, at any time — not just on R U OK? Day.

Checking in with students

The department has resources for schools, teachers, students, families and carers to support student mental health and wellbeing, including:

The R U OK? website also includes classroom resources to help in planning activities to mark R U OK? Day.  

The department's R U OK? Day toolkit(opens in a new window) (login required) has resources and guidance to help you confidently navigate a conversation with someone who might be struggling and connect them to the appropriate support.

Checking in with colleagues

R U OK? Day is an opportunity to talk about wellbeing, check in with colleagues and access the range of wellbeing and health supports available.

Consider hosting an event or activity to promote the importance of having wellbeing conversations and making time to check if colleagues are 'really OK?'.

By making time for regular chats, you can build trust and let others around you know you care. It can be comforting to know there is someone we can talk to who can share the load and help us through.

Find out more

For support and advice regarding health and safety matters, including mental health, contact the OHS Advisory Service: