Investing in a first-rate education

The Victorian Budget 2022/23 supports teachers by reducing face-to-face teaching hours, recruiting more staff and introducing other initiatives

This article outlines some of the highlights for teachers in this year's budget.

More vocational and applied learning teachers and trainers in government secondary schools

The Victorian Government has announced $24.6 million to build the supply, capability and retention of the vocational and applied learning workforce in government secondary schools.

As part of this investment, up to 400 scholarships will be available for teachers, trainers and industry professionals to upskill to deliver vocational and applied learning. 

The funding will also support the existing workforce to build their skills, knowledge and confidence by offering up to 1,900 professional learning opportunities to support ongoing development.

This investment will improve outcomes for students enrolled in Vocational Education and Training (VET) and applied learning programs.

It will also help ensure the workforce is adequately equipped and resourced to support the implementation of the new senior secondary certificates and deliver world class VET and applied learning to Victorian students.

Supporting our teachers

As part of the new Enterprise Agreement with government school staff, the budget invests $779 million to reduce face-to-face teaching hours, with the recruitment of an additional 1,900 teachers.

This will give teachers more time for planning, preparation, assessment and developing teaching practices.

The maximum number of face-to-face teaching hours will be reduced by an hour a week in 2023, and a further half an hour in 2024.

The budget also invests $58.9 million to support teacher development and initiatives to recruit the best people to the profession.

This includes funding to attract more teachers, deliver work-based degrees for postgraduate students and extend the Teacher Financial Incentives Program.

The budget has also committed:

  • $17.1 million to train 100 extra specialist mathematics teachers in primary schools through the Primary Mathematics and Science Specialists initiative
  • $10.1 million to train 50 mathematics, 50 technologies and 25 science out-of-field teachers in priority areas in secondary schools through the Secondary Mathematics and Science Initiative
  • $27.4 million to expand the work of the new Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership, so more teachers can develop their skills and become leaders in teaching excellence.

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