Mindfulness resources for students in years 7 to 10

New mindfulness videos and activities are available for teachers to share with students.

To support student wellbeing, teachers are encouraged to share 6 short mindfulness videos, along with tip sheets and activities, with their students.

The free resources are part of the 'Feeling It!' series, developed by the department in partnership with Smiling Mind, who run web and app-based meditation programs.

With the impacts of COVID-19, 'Feeling It!' aims to help students stay positive and engaged in their education.

The new resources build on existing ones developed in 2020 for VCE and VCAL students. You can find all resources under 'Feeling It!' on the Students page and at the Smiling Mind 'Feeling It!' web page.

New mindfulness videos to share

The first 3 new wellbeing videos are available now:

  • Coping with uncertainty
  • Meaning, purpose and values
  • Welcome to the inbetween: transitioning back to school.

More videos will be released as Term 1 continues. Please keep an eye on the pages for:

  • What shape is your tree: friendships and relationships
  • Your side quests: starting VCE and VCAL.

Find out more

For more wellbeing resources, tips and supports to share with students, refer to the Students page and at the Smiling Mind 'Feeling It!' web page.

For further enquiries, contact Stefania Colla, Acting Manager, Mental Health Policy and Programs Unit, Mental Health Reform Division: