New Google Sites for Google Workspace for Education

Important dates and instructions to help your students transition to new Google Sites

Google Workspace for Education has announced that it is replacing classic Google Sites with new Google Sites.

Google Sites is an easy, collaborative way to create webpages to share information.

The move to the new Google Sites will begin from Wednesday 1 June 2022. This will affect Victorian government schools that currently use classic Google Sites to host learning from home and school websites.

Please note:

  • from Wednesday 1 June 2022, you won't be able to edit any remaining classic sites
  • from Friday 1 July 2022, you won't be able to view classic sites unless you have converted them to new Google Sites.

Any sites created by teachers or staff in the past 12 months will be automatically converted.

Please follow the instructions below to convert any older sites you have created or support your students to convert their sites.

How to help students convert their Google Site

To convert a classic Google Site into a new Google Site:

  • go to the Classic Sites Manager
  • select a site to find information about it
  • check the box next to the site's name to select it, select 'option' at the top, and then select 'convert'.

Find out more

For more information including updates, refer to Google Workspace for Education.