New Holocaust education guidance and resources on FUSE

Holocaust education resources for secondary classroom use are now online.

Our FUSE website is now hosting new education resources on the Holocaust, ready for secondary teachers to use in the classroom.

The resources were developed by Victorian teachers who took part in the Gandel Holocaust Studies Program for Australian Educators in mid to late 2020, which featured experts from organisations including the Yad Vashem World Holocaust Memorial Centre in Jerusalem.

Resources available on FUSE

The new resources available on FUSE are suitable for professional learning, teaching and student use. Resources include:

  • 12 comprehensive lessons on the Second World War and the events and significance of the Holocaust, which can be adapted to suit a school's context
  • 20 individual lesson plans — aligned to the English curriculum — that support teachers to use any Holocaust-related text to explore key themes of identity, survival, resilience, freedom, racism, and kindness. A bibliography of Holocaust-related texts suitable for secondary school-aged students is also available
  • a set of principles for teaching and assessing the Holocaust and its significance
  • a list of professional learning opportunities, reading and viewing materials to help teachers feel confident and capable of teaching the Holocaust, or deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust and its significance
  • more than 280 quality-assured resources that support teachers to build new lessons or supplement existing teaching programs, organised chronologically from pre-war Jewish life to remembrance and life lessons. Resources include videos, testimonies, exhibitions, poems, images, maps, virtual tours and graphics
  • a list of experiential programs to encourage students to develop deeper engagement and understanding in a school's Holocaust education program
  • additional resources and ideas for teaching and learning about racism, genocide, rights, freedoms and resilience.

Find out more

For more information, refer to the Holocaust education page on the FUSE website.