New resources to support primary dance, drama and music

Access virtual lessons and teaching resources to support performing arts education.

Virtual lessons and resources are available to support primary teachers to increase their confidence in planning and delivering the dance, drama and music curriculum.

The performing arts provide children and young people with a range of developmental benefits. Through the arts, students develop their creative and expressive capacities and learn through the exploration of their personal, cultural and social worlds.

Use the below resources to help create lesson plans that engage and inspire your students to reach their creative and expressive potential.

FUSE resources

These resources available on FUSE were created by Ausdance Victoria, Drama Victoria and The Song Room to support schools to deliver the Victorian F–10 dance, drama and music curriculum:

Blended Arts Education Program (Dance and Drama) virtual lessons and incursion

The Blended Arts Education Program (Dance and Drama) provides rural and regional schools with virtual lessons from expert teachers and facilitated by classroom teachers, as well as an in-person incursion to consolidate learning.

Ausdance Victoria and Drama Victoria have made video recordings of the lessons and associated lesson plans. The lessons are suitable for generalist and dance specialist teachers, for grades 3 to 4 and 5 to 6.

Music in Schools online teaching resources

Since 2015, the Music in Schools program has been increasing opportunities for all students to access quality music education programs.

Supported by online resources from the Song Room, the program helps generalist teachers and nominated specialists to teach classroom music and implement the Victorian Curriculum F–10 the arts, music, across Prep to Grade 6.

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