Recognise your leaders on Principals’ Day 2022

Mark the day with an event, student artwork or something else special.

Victoria will celebrate Principals' Day on Friday 5 August 2022. This is an opportunity to recognise the contribution principals and assistant principals make in schools.

Principal Garry Rolfe is the principal at Cranbourne East Primary School. He is a 2021 Victorian Education Excellence Awards (VEEA) winner and a member of the Education State in Schools Guiding Coalition.

Garry said Principals’ Day is a wonderful opportunity for school communities to say thank you.

After everything principals have done to support those communities through the challenges of recent years, there certainly is no better time to acknowledge their incredible contribution.

‘It is the passionate school leaders who drive a strong and shared culture of excellence, teamwork and innovation, where every child is at the centre of learning, and strong partnerships exist with parents,’ Garry said.

Principals’ Day is an initiative of the Victorian Principals Association (VPA). Our schools have celebrated this day in Victoria for 20 years.

How to celebrate

To get involved in the celebrations:

  • host an event, such as a staff breakfast
  • have students create a poster to say thanks to their principal
  • nominate your principal for an award or recognition (such as next year’s VEEA)
  • tune into the 2022 Victorian Education Excellence Awards in October.

You can also share Principals’ Day celebration pics on your school’s social media channels, using the hashtag #PrincipalsDay.

Reflections on a job well done

When we asked Garry about his VEEA recognition, he said, like many of his principal colleagues, he never thinks about recognition as he goes about his job.

‘Every day at school is brilliant, from the moment I enter the school and engage with excited and happy students, to working with professional and collaborative staff,’ he said.

Garry said he was intentional when establishing Cranbourne East Primary School and collaborated with stakeholders from the early planning stages. He explained that he put the needs of students at the centre of his decisions and strived to create an inclusive environment with happy, safe and engaged students.

The result is a vibrant school culture that supports student achievement and wellbeing.

‘This gives me a great sense of gratitude, enjoyment and satisfaction,’ Garry said.

Considering a career as a principal?

If a career as a principal is in your thoughts, the Victorian Aspiring Principal Assessment (the VAPA) is an important step in your leadership journey.

The VAPA evaluates readiness for the principal role and identifies professional learning needs for aspiring principals.

It is open to the principal class, teacher leaders and teachers, and is fully subsidised for each Victorian government school participant.

Visit the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership to learn more and to explore other professional learning opportunities for emerging school leaders.

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