Talented students awarded for maths investigations

Learn about the winning Financial Literacy in Practice Challenge entries and download student resources on financial literacy.

Seven category winners received Financial Literacy in Practice (FLIP) Challenge awards at a ceremony on Thursday 20 October 2022.

Held at IMAX Melbourne, the awards event was attended by 450 guests, including students, teachers and family members from 32 schools.

Special guests at the ceremony, which was sponsored by the department, included Kerryn Sandford, president of the Mathematical Association of Victoria, and Dr Carly Sawatzki, senior lecturer in mathematics and humanities education at Deakin University.

Conducted for the first time in 2022, the FLIP Challenge was run by the Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) as part of their annual Maths Talent Quest. It was open to all Victorian primary and secondary students.

FLIP Challenge entries and award winners

A total of 1,307 entries were received for the FLIP Challenge. Of these, 798 entries were judged as part of the state-level competition.

All schools and students who participated in the challenge received certificates to acknowledge their work. Award winners received special trophies and a medal.

The 2022 FLIP Challenge award winners were:

  • Most outstanding school: Templestowe Park Primary School
  • Most outstanding individual, lower primary: Anthony D'Amore, Paynesville Primary School – How much cheaper is it to buy snack foods in bulk?
  • Most outstanding group, primary: Kaitlyn Rolfe, Paul Gong, Claire Zhang, Iris Liu, Zavier Aitken, Ringwood North Primary School – Comparing different house prices from around the world and looking at interest rates
  • Most outstanding individual, upper primary: Subikshaa Pirapagaran – An adventure from Melbourne to the Northern Territory
  • Most outstanding individual, secondary: Joel Arul – How could my household become financially literate?
  • Most outstanding group, secondary: Gabriel Tran, Khuong Vo, Micah Jayasinghe, Zeubin Chen, Gary Lei – How much waste would Australia save if we were to buy only second-hand items for a year?
  • Most outstanding class: Templestowe Park Primary School – All Grade 1 classes.

About the challenge

The FLIP Challenge brings a practical, real-world focus to financial literacy education in the classroom.

Students investigated topics relevant to them, such as buying a pet, exploring household costs, the cost of climate change and the value of financial literacy.

FLIP Challenge tasks demonstrated the importance of financial literacy in students' everyday lives.

Participating in the challenge helped students to learn how to 'flip' everyday financial situations and decisions from risky to rewarding.

The learning continues

To support learning beyond the challenge, financial literacy and investigation-specific resources developed for the challenge will continue to be available for teachers and students on the Maths Talent Quest page.

Other financial literacy resources curated by the department are available on the FUSE website:

Find out more

For more information, refer to MTQ: Financial Literacy in Practice Challenge.