Teacher tip: Using data walls to turn data into instruction

Data walls are a practical and powerful way to gather data and transform it into actionable classroom strategies.

What is a data wall?

A data wall uses simple and inexpensive materials like sticky notes and masking tape to visualise individual students’ achievement overtime on a physical wall.

Why use a data wall?

Building a data wall is a practical and powerful way to focus your work as a teacher on the growth and achievement of every student.

Any grouping of students, from a single class to the whole school, can form the basis of a data wall. The power of a data wall comes from including every student in that group – not just those struggling, flying or doing okay.

This shifts the conversation from ‘my students in my classroom’ to ‘our students in our school’, and it shifts the motivation from ‘improving my practice’ to ‘improving our practice’.

Creating, using and analysing data walls

For more information about creating, using and analysing data walls, download the latest professional practice note and teacher tips, see:

For more information about the research and methodology behind data walls, leading international expert talk about using data walls, see Dr Lyn Sharratt on data walls

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