Creating a supportive environment

A supportive physical environment enables students to be active before, during and after school.

A supportive physical environment

A supportive school environment is integral to an active school, which encourages physical activity throughout the school day.

The design of the school environment directly influences how active students will be during class and break time, as well as before and after school.

Fit for purpose school sporting facilities are key in activating communities, as they support the delivery of quality physical education and school sport. They also act as community hubs for sporting clubs and programs after school.

Creating these community links helps to boost participation and assists with the retention of children and young people in sport and active recreation beyond their school years.

Qualities of a supportive physical environment

  • Fun and engaging playgrounds with safe and age-appropriate equipment
  • Purpose-built and adaptable sporting facilities
  • Green and open spaces
  • Classrooms and learning spaces designed and set up to encourage movement
  • Outdoor classrooms
  • Secure bike and scooter storage
  • Sensory play areas
  • Fitness and sport equipment and/or line markings which encourage active play
  • Buildings and classrooms designed for multi-purpose use of indoor and outdoor space to encourage an active school life

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