Career education

Information, guidance and resources to support delivery and integration of career education, including 4 key activities.

Career education is a core activity in secondary schools

Effective career education is essential to learning and wellbeing. It supports students’ engagement and motivation, empowers them to make informed decisions, and builds their confidence about the future.

Career education is a shared responsibility, often led by a career practitioner. Every teacher plays a role, including through focused career education classroom activities and by showing students how their learning opens career possibilities.

By making career education a priority, school leaders and career education teams can make sure young people finish school with the skills, knowledge and direction they need for a lifetime of work and learning.

Key career education activities

In Victorian Government secondary schools, career education starts in Year 7. Starting early in secondary school gives students time to gradually develop their self-understanding and goals, before making important life decisions.

Students’ planned program of career education in Years 7-12 typically includes 4 key activities. These interconnected activities give students critical opportunities for self-discovery and reflection, exploration of options, and informed decision-making. Each activity provides an opportunity to partner with students’ families.

Resources and support

Resources are available to help your school deliver an effective career education program.