Recruitment Online website privacy statement

This statement explains how the website collects, uses, stores, and shares personal information from job applicants and users.


The State of Victoria (Department of Education) (the Department) has a comprehensive privacy policy for users of the Site.

Job applications submitted through the Department's Recruitment Online Website (the Site) are transferred to the advertisers. These schools and other bodies are asked to comply with all applicable Commonwealth and State privacy laws, codes and policies.

You may directly contact the Department or advertisers to request access to any personal information that relates to your application. The Department will provide such information where this does not conflict with its legal obligations or obligations of confidentiality (for example those owed to referees).

Sometimes, where necessary, the Department may transfer information or your application to persons outside Victoria e.g. to facilitate reference checking or electronic storage. By giving us your personal information, you consent to such disclosures. Such consent remains valid during the time your application remains relevant to job applications. You may revoke this consent by contacting the Privacy Contact noted below.

Selection process

Details of the process of assessment used by the Department, the type of information collected, the way in which it is used and your ability to gain access to it is available on the following page: Recruitment in Schools: Overview.

You are aware and agree that referees you have listed may be contacted and asked for reference information. Selection panels may wish to extend their inquiries beyond referees nominated by you to ensure a comprehensive and accurate assessment of your application against the selection criteria. In such instances you will be informed prior to these extended inquiries being made. If appropriate information supporting your application cannot be obtained, your application may not be successful.

By applying for a position in the teaching service, you are aware and agree that information may be collected in order to establish whether you are suitable for child-connected work and a fit and proper person..

If you have any privacy issues or concerns, contact the HR Help Desk on 1800 641 943 and request to speak to the person responsible for privacy, or email