Sexuality education external providers

A list of external providers offering sexuality education programs with a focus on targeted education, prevention and wellbeing support.

A number of these providers have been identified on other pages throughout this website, particularly providers assisting schools in the delivery of comprehensive, integrated sexuality education.

Additionally, there are other external providers offering programs with a focus on targeted education, prevention and wellbeing support. Examples of these providers are listed below.

Use of external providers

It is important that the sexuality education program offers learning that is meaningful to its students and community, taking into account cultural influences, setting, and latest research and concepts. While forming partnerships with the local community and parents can help ensure that the school is aware and responding to local needs, the use of specialist external providers can also assist with this.

The selection of an external provider should include an examination of the provider’s policy, ensuring it is a comfortable fit with government policy, school policy, and the needs of the school. This Department’s sexuality education policy supports a school’s use of external providers where:

  • the use complements a comprehensive, whole-school learning approach
  • the sexuality education program remains school and teacher-driven
  • the school ensures student achievement in sexuality education is assessed and reported on against the Victorian Essential Learning Standards.

Schools are advised to assess services along these lines.

The following services are provided as examples that may be appropriate for a school’s sexuality education program. Schools are to rely on their own judgement in the choice of providers. 

While care has been taken in the selection of these examples, they carry no endorsement of the providers, either implicit or explicit, by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. It, therefore, disclaims all liability for any error, loss or other consequence that may arise from you relying on any information presented.

Sexual assault (including activities focussing on respectful relationships)

Sexual diversity

  • Rainbow Network  A peer and support group that provides advice on the shared challenges faced by young SSAITGD consumers.
  • SAFE Schools  Program that provides professional development and training for secondary school teachers so that they are equipped to support LGBTIQ+ students.

Further resources

This is a list of organisations that assist same-sex attracted and transgender young people with health issues, counselling and social support.

Sexually transmissible infections and blood-borne viruses